You probably have secondary input gamepads, such as a steering wheel, a yoke or an additional joystick, please  if you are trying to playing with mouse&keyboard, just disconnect the extras gamepads.

If you are trying to play with just one joystick connected but the issue still happening, try to configure the deathzones of vertical and horizontal axis with third party software. Your joystick’s stick is probably damaged.

If you still have the issue and you can’t find solution please do not hesitate on open a ticket on our Discord or Submit a Request of support here.


As soon as we start, we play with the Tripplordd 86 Rental: the most common marker ever, because is cheap and helps you as a beginner to enter the world of paintball. But if you want to go deeper and you really like the customizations and modifications, you can purchase (for example) the  Tripplordd 86 Custom, Rental’s big brother.

So, you need to enter to MAIN MENU > SHOP (the shopping cart icon on the bottom right besides the Competitive Mode button) there, you can purchase everything you want. 

Also, you can use the CATEGORY dropdown menu to use the filters to find whatever you need easier.

So for this example, you can select on CATEGORY > TRIPPLORDD and purchase the available markers for that manufacter.

To modify a marker you must make sure to buy an attachment that is compatible with the gun that we have purchased.

In the store description of every accesory such as Hopper, Tank, Barrel or anything, you will see exactly which marker each item is compatible with. Some attachments are compatible with all markers, others only with a specific line, model or brand.

Once you have purchased the accessories you want to use, go directly to MAIN MENU > WORKBENCH (the wrench icon on the bottom left besides the Casual Mode button) and on the left panel you can select the marker you want to modify.

If you are on the Workbench and you can’t see all the markers, just click on the first top pink button with a marker on the icon, you will also see the tooltip called “Markers”.

Then, you can select/click the correct marker and you will go to the second button (the mid one) named “Parts”

You will see all the modifiable part’s names and you can select the part you want to attach/dettach.

For example: After you click on “Hoppers” you will see all the available hoppers with the same picture that you saw it before on the store.

Now you can select it and save the changes by clicking back!