HI, I'M gast贸n d. pedrani

Let me introduce you our studio.

Merl铆n our Golden Dog.
Merl铆n, my little bro. 2011-2021 馃А
Gast贸n D. Pedrani Retrato
Me 馃幃馃挕
Lara our Golden Dog.
Lara, my daughter. 2021 馃挏

Hi, I’m Gast贸n D. Pedrani, On the morning of April 6, 2022, I’m drinking tee on the studio, and I want to tell you, what Golden Dog is.

Golden Dog starts with me, as a sole developer. In 2012 I was creating our first project called A New Dawn.

I was 13 years old, I was not pretty sure what I was doing, without previos studies in videogames. I decide to start as a self-taught.

I still remember the first tutorial video that I saw, let me check.

This, with this video I started in the video games industry, a lot of memories.

Also I remember that when I was a child, I saw a shortfilm that my town; Montevideo, was being destroy by alien robots.

No, not was a dream. Was: Panic Attack, one of first cuts by the Film Director Fede Alvarez. Check this out by yourself.

I knew that it was all fiction, but I also knew that someone in the world was tasked with creating these amazing stories. So I started to research.

By the time, I was studing videogames, cine and post-production as autodidact.

In 2014, I decide to enter in a public cine academy as High-school and University here in Uruguay. So I done my studies there.

Of course that I created a bunch of stundents films with my classmates but I didn’t feel full.

So I decided to take up again this thing that I have been on my computer for years, that folder called Golden Dog.

A New Dawn was a school for me, with things that always I need to do, and others that will never happen again.

I still have the .EXE file to share with you, but I prefer to reserve it for a special moment.

A New Dawn was a project, not a videogame inself. But was a playable story from the begining to the end, with characters, a lot of bugs, and an incontrolable ambition. I published that here as a not ended project, but is not available now.

So I left behind that game, and I started to create Tint n Ink. Okay, well that’s not really true, because of course exist a lot of content between this two projects but, nothing really relevant to stop in there.

Tint ‘n Ink was different, starting with a simple idea but a difficult environment to develop, a first person shooter multiplayer esport about realistic paintball.

In February 2021, I decided to start it. I saw the opportunity to ptich to some investors and publishers in December of the same year.

I worked hard to create a demo and comfortable vertical slice to show.

Mario Valle Reyes from Hotlum Powell Integrated Services LLC, found me. It was incredible, a pionner of game dev in Latinamerica, the head of Electronic Arts LATAM and proud investor of Golden Dog’s projects.

Yep, I am writting this and me neither can believe what happend.

We are waiting for the future, working hard on it. With a lot of love to bring you, a lot of stories and unforgoten experiences.

Thank you for read this, best regards.

– Gast贸n D. Pedrani