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Merlín our Golden Dog.
Merlín, my little bro. 2011-2021 🧡

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Lara our Golden Dog.
Lara, my daughter. 2021 💜

Hi, I’m Gastón D. Pedrani. On the morning of April 6, 2022, while drinking tea in studio, I want to share the story of Golden Dog with you.

Golden Dog began with just me as the sole developer. In 2012, at the age of 13, I embarked on our first project, A New Dawn. With no formal education in video game development, I ventured into this field as a self-taught developer, unsure of what lay ahead.

I still remember the first tutorial video I watched that ignited my passion for the video game industry. That video holds a special place in my heart.

As a child (8 years old), I watched a short film about my hometown of Montevideo being destroyed by alien robots. This wasn’t a dream; it was Panic Attack, one of Fede Alvarez’s early films. You can check it out for yourself.

Although I knew it was fiction, I realized that someone was responsible for creating these incredible stories. This realization led me to study video games, cinema, and post-production independently.

In 2014, I enrolled in a public film academy as part of my high school and university studies in Uruguay. During this time, I created numerous student films with my classmates, but I still felt unfulfilled.

So, I returned to where I had left off years earlier and revisited that folder called Golden Dog.

A New Dawn was an educational journey for me, filled with necessary tasks and lessons never to be repeated. Although I still have the .EXE file, I’m saving it for a special moment. A New Dawn was a project rather than a fully realized video game, but it was a complete playable story with characters, many bugs, and an uncontrollable ambition. I released it as an unfinished project, but it is no longer available.

Afterward, I began working on Ink: Tournament Paintball (formerly Tint ‘n Ink), a departure from my previous project. This is a first-person shooter multiplayer esport centered around realistic paintball. In February 2021, I dedicated myself to this project and seized the opportunity to pitch it to investors and publishers by December of the same year, thanks to the invaluable support of Road to Pitch Day, an event for game developers hosted by Uruguay XXI and CAVI.

I worked tirelessly to create a demo and a polished vertical slice for that event. The pitch day was a special day. Mario Valle Reyes from Hotlum Powell Integrated Services LLC discovered Golden Dog’s work and fall in love with this vision. He is a pioneer in game development in Latin America, a key figure in Electronic Arts LATAM, and a proud investor in Golden Dog’s projects.

I can hardly believe how far we’ve come. We are now working diligently towards the future, aiming to bring you many stories and unforgettable experiences with a lot of love.

Thank you for reading this.

Best regards,

– Gastón D. Pedrani | Lead Developer & Founder