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🎉 Brace yourself for a style revolution! We’re thrilled to announce that Earth Ethan 2 has officially landed on Tint ‘n Ink, and it comes bearing three breathtaking styles: Snow, Camo, and Black. From the timeless sophistication of Snow to the urban edge of Camo and the simplicity of Black, make sure your loadout is ready to new gear.

But that’s not where the excitement ends – we’re eagerly anticipating the boundless creativity of our Marker Modders! 🌈 These skilled artists are already hard at work, brewing up a collection of unique skins that will soon be at your fingertips. 

Get ready to express yourself like never before with new styles that reflect your gaming personality.

✅ Dive into the Earth Ethan 2 styles and keep an eye out for the upcoming wave of custom creations here. Your Tint ‘n Ink experience is about to start.


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