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The wait is over, and the gates to a new gaming frontier are wide open! Tint ‘n Ink’s Open Beta has arrived, and it’s not too late to join the adventure. Brace yourself for an immersive experience enriched with more features than ever before!

🎁 Lootbox Galore: Elevate your gameplay with a wealth of surprises hidden in our revamped lootbox system. Uncover rare gear, unlock customization options, and gear up for the ultimate paintball showdown.

👕 Customization Unleashed: Stand out on the battlefield with our brand-new Customization Character System. Craft your in-game persona with the best jersey, mask or bandana that matches your unique style.

⬇️ Download now for free and join today our Discord community for real-time updates, tactical discussions, and an exclusive look behind the scenes.  Gear up, aim true, and explore the paintball revolution with Tint ‘n Ink: Open Beta!


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