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Ready to make your mark?

The Founders Championship is not just a tournament; it’s a legacy in the making. Seize the opportunity, gather your squad, and let the paintball masterpiece begin. Visit NEPC (National E-Paintball Cup) to know every single detail about the competition. 

Share the excitement with your fellow gamers! 🔫 The more, the merrier. Let your friends and rivals know that the Founders Championship is the place to be for the ultimate paintball showdown.

How to register?

Registration will take place starting Tuesday, December 12, at 7am ET. Make sure to stay tuned on our official Discord Server.  

We’re also looking for passionate individuals to join our dedicated team and contribute to the success of the tournament. If you have the enthusiasm and skills to be part of the action 🎬 behind the scenes, head over to our Discord channel #nepc-staff and say “Hi, i’m ready“. 

Your support could be the paintball splatter that adds to the vibrant masterpiece of the Founders Championship! 💪

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